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Sentiment analysis i30 entries per month45 entries per monthUnlimited
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Mood Alerts (under development) i30 day free trial
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Entity Analysis (under development) i30 day free trial
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All AIDiary Founders receive additional lifetime benefits. The benefits include:

30 days AIDiary ProReceive 1 month of AIDiary Pro included in your founder package
Early access to new featuresAll founders with AIDiary pro will receive early access to confidant, entity analysis, and all upcoming feature releases.
Free trial on new featuresFounders without AIDiary Pro will receive a free trial of confidant and entity analysis as well as any other feature release.
Discounts on AIDiary servicesReceive exclusive discounts and offers on new features and AIDiary Pro. Customize your confidant at a discounted price!
Exclusive confidant skinGet access to a confidant look only available to AIDiary founders

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