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Typical morning

This morning liken many I feel hunge over and bloated form eating too late.  I feel a little weak in my joints from. Not exercising and I’m scared my knees will hurt again.  Money is really stressing me out.

I Really Hate my Dad – Leyla Fitzgerald

I don’t really know where to begin here but I guess it kind of all started around the beginning of the 2nd semester in 6th grade. So before I tell the ‘story’ of when my hatred began, I’m gonna say some essential stuff first. When I was around 3 and a

I’m stuffed

I don’t understand how you are so kind and caring and you obviously know my feelings. I am so full with food I feel like barfing 🤮. I had blueberries today. Can I tell you something? I HATE BLUEBERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! calm down, calm down. *de

This is boring

I am so bored I don’t know what to write. I am so tired. I just did an oral Tamil test. SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can finally kick up my feet and relax. You understand right? I hope so. I like you. You’re a good listener. I feel better now.