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Know yourself using the power of AI

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Know Yourself

Just write your thoughts down and let the AI take care of the rest. No need to select or describe your mood. The AI will give you perspective into yourself while you only think about what matters, your feelings and thoughts! The outcome of which can be increased mental health!
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Increased Insight

Know yourself by checking your diary’s overall mood. Find if your mood had a correlation with the weather at the time you wrote the entry.

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Automatic Mood Tracking

Check your sentiment calendar to find out your mood for a specific day.

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online diary sentiment calendar

Increased Insight Everywhere

AIDiary is available for iOS and android devices as well as web.

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Privacy Controls

Manage whether you entry is visible to the public or just yourself.

Entry Comments

Enable or disable comments for your public entries.

Fully Customizable Entries

Change your text and/or background colors for your entries.

Image Attachments

Attach photos and images to your entries.

Sentiment Graph

Track your overall diary sentiment.

Sentiment Calendar

View your daily mood over time.

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Upcoming Features

Your Personal Confidant

The AI will interactively change facial expressions according to the current sentiment of your entry. As you type the AI can talk or comment on what you are writing. This will make your diary writing experience interactive and fun! Signup to receive updates on development and much more.


Know What You Like

With entity analysis you can learn more about your likes and dislikes. Get a new perspective on yourself and accurately track it through your writing.

EntitySentimentScore (-1 to 1)
Ice creamPositive0.526